The Winding Road Trust students will:

  • Identify educational needs 
  • Be assisted to create a Personal Development Plan 
  • Receive financial assistance to support the successful outcomes of their Personal Development Plan 
  • Be matched with a Mentor(s) at appropriate times 
  • Be offered opportunities which support their educational needs
  • Have opportunities to interact with Trustees, Mentors, Community Leaders, School Deans/Principals and Parents/Guardians
  • Expect long term commitment to supporting educational and community achievements 
  • Be extended through opportunities to participate in challenging extra-curricular experiences

Expected Outcomes are:

  • A Personal Development Plan. This plan will be developed by the student and The Winding Road Trust and will be reviewed on a regular basis
  • To continue their education to undergraduate university degree level
  • To participate in the community
  • To attend relevant events/courses sponsored by TWRT and write a brief report on the event i.e. how it contributed to the student's overall development
  • A commitment to work on the student's own personal development as well as for the good of others in the community

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