Maeli Prince

Maeli attends Riccarton High School and has a strong interest in leadership, sports, performing arts, meeting new people and having a good time with everyone.

He has been involved in multiple groups and events that have enabled him to improve on and experience his interests. This includes two drama school productions, and the male voice choir. He also plays tennis and football and was the captain of the 2XI Football Team for 2015. He was on the School Council as the chairperson in 2012. In 2013 through to 2014 he was the Student Representative on the Board of Trustees for the school. This year he said he has been honoured to be Head Boy for Riccarton High School.

He likes giving back to the community, and providing service to those who need it most is important to Maeli. In his time at Riccarton High School he helped to run events where the profit was donated to various Charities such as Child Cancer, as well as to the immediate community such as local churches and gardens.

All of these opportunities and groups has been very demanding of his time. They have also required money to pay for such as uniforms and travel expenses for sport. Maeli says, “I have been very fortunate that the Winding Road Trust has financially supported me as without their help, I could not have participated as fully as I would have liked. Being able to partake in groups and getting involved with the life of the school without having to be held back by financial issues was a real privilege to have. I thank them also for the countless advice and support they have offered me.

His future goals include attending first year Health Science at Otago University and then to take Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy in the second year.

Maeli Prince