Student Profiles

Riccarton High School 2009 - 2010 Gap year in India 2011 Laidlaw College 2012 - 2014 Theology Degree Elizabeth is a high achiever with a strong faith. During her time at Riccarton High school she fully participated in her studies and extra curriculum activities. The Trust was able to support Elizabeth by paying her school fees, guitar lessons and dragon boat racing, netball fees. Elizabeth was... Read more
Elizabeth Pawson
Papanui High School 2008 - 2010 University of Canterbury 2011 - 2012 Studied for a bachelor of Science Biological Sciences (Genetics) When the Board read Alannah's Personal Development Plan we felt that she would also benefit from having access to a computer at home so we presented one to her as well as Melanie. Just as Alannah was about to begin university we had our earthquakes which disrupted... Read more
Alannah Rickerby
  Brittney is in year 11 at Hilmorton High School. She is dedicated to developing her talents as a dancer and wants to become either a performer or a dance teacher. Brittney spends time every weekday practicing her dance routines before school begins. She is taking lessons in ballet, contemporary and NCEA dance. She is currently dancing with the Southern Ballet Corporation and will be appearing... Read more
Britney Clark
Maeli attends Riccarton High School and has a strong interest in leadership, sports, performing arts, meeting new people and having a good time with everyone. He has been involved in multiple groups and events that have enabled him to improve on and experience his interests. This includes two drama school productions, and the male voice choir. He also plays tennis and football and was the... Read more
Maeli Prince
Papanui High School 2008 – 2010 University of Canterbury 2011 – 2013 Studied for a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biochemistry Molecular Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Reactivity, Biochemistry A and B, Cell Biology, Practical Biology and Evolution. Melanie was one of our first students. When Melanie wrote her Personal Development Plan it became apparent that she did not have a... Read more
Melanie Hamzah
Linwood High School 2008 Canterbury University 2009 – 2011 We awarded Tony his scholarship in his final year at Linwood High School. Tony went on the University of Canterbury and studied for a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Economics and Finance. Trying to complete his subjects during an earthquake, which destroyed many facilities on the university campus, was a real challenge but... Read more
Tony Nelmes
Alannah Coming from a family with no person having attended university, it means a lot to have gained a university degree. Writing the Personal Development Plan has helped me to set goals and achievements and helped me to strive to obtain them, Maeli The Winding Road Trust has relieved the stress of fees and costs. This has sub sequentially allowed me to focus on the practical side of social and... Read more
Alex is studying to be a journalist at Papanui High School. We have been able to pay her school and sports fees. When she asked us if we could help to pay for orthodontist work we were able to raise funds to meet the cost because we thought it was important both personally and for her career. Alex is currently an exchange student in Czechoslovakia as she said " I would like to go to somewhere... Read more
Alex Hudson
Olivia Frahm Oxford Area School 2011 - 2013 (Dux) University of Canterbury 2014 - Studying for A Bachelor of Arts in History and Art History Olivia successfully completed her first year of study and is now on a gap year. She is involved as a volunteer in a Catholic Youth Leadership program. The Trust paid Olivia's school fees for three years and for art and stationery supplies. The Trust also... Read more
Olivia Frahm