Founder's Message

The Winding Road Trust concept was developed in 2007 by Judith Paget. The aim was to give academically able secondary school students from financially and/or emotionally-challenged families the opportunity to become self-reliant, well adjusted individuals with a sense of self worth and self esteem through the advancement of their education and through involvement in the community.

The students are selected from schools in Canterbury, with the co-operation of the teaching staff. The Trust selects students in year 11 when they are starting NCEA. The programme aims to mentor the student through their secondary school years to obtain NCEA and then on to complete a three year undergraduate degree.

The aim of The Winding Road Trust is to involve students in their own personal development by taking an holistic approach to assisting them reach their goals. This involves paying their school fees to keep them at school, and also providing non-financial assistance by taking a personal interest in their development and welfare. Along the way they learn to set goals by writing a Personal Development Plan and revising the Plan each year.

The Trust believes education is an important part of achieving financial and personal success. By obtaining a tertiary qualification the Trust believes the student will be soundly based to contribute to their own goals, able to help their family and become leaders in the wider community.

Judith Paget
Donor and Chair
The Winding Road Trust