Building the Team

The Trust has five trustees who work together to support all of the scholarship holders both academically and in other aspects of their lives. The intention is to take a holistic approach to ensure the student is telling us what they want to achieve in order that we can support them both financially and non- financially. We endeavour to build continuity and the process is not one which imposes our wishes on the student but rather assists them to define their goals and ambitions and then we discuss their progress during the year by visiting them at school.

We want our students to develop self reliance and self esteem as well as academic success.

We have had four students graduate, two are at university and another six are at secondary school. Three have not continued their scholarship for various reasons.

To assist our students we host a special lunch at the end of November each year. This allows students to meet each other and share experiences. It also allows the board and invited supporters to meet all of the students. We are happy that both past and present scholarship holders attend the lunch. This function also allows The Winding Road Trust to foster a sense of belonging for the student by acknowledging that they are a part of a very special group of young people.