Coming from a family with no person having attended university, it means a lot to have gained a university degree. Writing the Personal Development Plan has helped me to set goals and achievements and helped me to strive to obtain them.

The Winding Road Trust has relieved the stress of fees and costs. This has sub sequentially allowed me to focus on the practical side of social and academic life at school. I have also been encouraged to aim higher than I initially attended.

Paying for jazz band trips has been important. We were first in the big band Southern Jazz Jam in Blenheim. One other thing that is important is the motivation the Trust gives me through the interest you take in me and my success in general.

Thank you for all of your generosity over the years I have held a Winding Road Trust scholarship. Financial support has taken a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that I have that for the next 5 years but also that The Winding Road Trust believes in me and pushes ne to succeed. You have given me many opportunities that I may not have had without your assistance.

I have been a Winding Road Trust scholarship recipient for about four and a half years now. I have felt immensely privileged to be in this position not only because of the Trust's generosity in financially supporting my secondary and tertiary education, but because of their keen interest in who I am, the goals I set for myself, and the way in which I seek to conduct myself so as to achieve them. Thank you for the consistent and incredibly generous support you have given me. There have certainly been times when I have lacked confidence in what I do and study, and even who I am at times, but remembering the ethos of The Winding Road Trust and the support you have given me has been a great encouragement.

Thank you for funding my education over the last brilliant six years. Your support helped me to achieve great things. I am now confident and community orientated. I feel I am ready for the challenges of life and finding a career path. Thank you for your non financial support, such as giving me a mentor, supporting my goals and arranging those lovely lunches.

Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate all you have done for me.